I loved working with Direct Consultants, LLC. I was impressed with what I was coached. I learned a lot and I am satisfied. - Jewell, South Carolina

Direct Consultants, LLC provided great leadership coaching to my program. Kelsey, California

Thanks for giving your all and putting your all into what you do. - Bernetta, South Carolina

I love Direct Consultants, LLC. I recommend this company to all Entrepreneurs. - Roneisha, Active Duty Marine, Parris Island

I loved how I was able to bounce ideas back and forth and Direct Consultants, LLC gave creative feedback. Direct Consultants, LLC was more enthusiastic about the projects than I was as the Entrepreneur. It was overall a great experience. - Ontario. South Carolina

Direct Consultants, LLC was really honest about what I needed to do for my company to grow and expand to its best potential. Every goal set at the beginning was accomplished. Tenacious is a great word to describe my experience with the employees at Direct Consultants, LLC. - Fox, South Carolina 

Direct Consultants, LLC listened to my business problems and was opened-minded to ideas. They went well above and beyond to help in my time of need. Very professional. I'm happy that I had a chance to work with Direct Consultants, LLC. - Nicole, South Carolina


 My experience was so good that I had no hesitation about introducing Myeka to my inner circle. My highest praise. - Donna Bellinger, Illinois

  I must say it was a wonderful experience. Myeka made me feel very comfortable as if we had been friends for a long time. - Ngozi Thomas, Pennsylvania

Myeka is a joy to work with. - Jenny Davis, South Carolina

Myeka Johnson was excellent. She created an authentic atmosphere which allowed me to share freely, while staying focused on delivering value for the audience. - Tajuana Ross, Illinois

I would like to thank Myeka Johnson and Direct Consultants on the marvelous job they have done with my company. They really showed us what exactly we were missing and the steps that were necessary to reach our goal. Direct Consultants saw our vision and made it their vision! Cant thank you guys enough! - Brandon Dozier, Charlotte, NC